Marius Bauer

Illustration & Interaction Design

Making of "Nectar"

NECTAR is the first in a short series entitled Pinpoint. 

“Pinpoint | Sublevel to the visible” is an experimental project for me to explore motion, photography and video.

NECTAR from Marius Bauer on Vimeo.

The idea behind the project:
I always remember when one of my Psychology Professors said: “If one of my employes would build a camera as bad as the human eye, I would fire him”. Unfortunately our eyes are limited when it comes to focussing on small details. Using the Canon 7D and a MP-E 65MM lens I had the chance to take a closer look.

The sound and video is unsteady and chaotic during the first half as you cannot really describe what you are looking at. After a while the person starts to focus on two objects and zooms in.



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