Marius Bauer

Illustration & Interaction Design


  • NECTAR is the first in a short series entitled Pinpoint. 

    "Pinpoint | Sublevel to the visible" is an experimental project for me to explore motion, photography and video.
    I would like to thank some close friends for their support and the collaboration on this first project:

    Music: Archan Nair
    Assistance: Amelie Berger

    Michael Herrmann and Stefan Knøsgaard for the encouragement and help with Premiere and After Effects. 
  • Stills

  • The idea behind the project:

    I always remember when one of my Psychology Professors said: "If one of my employes would build a camera as bad as the human eye, I would fire him". Unfortunately our eyes are limited when it comes to focussing on small details. Using the Canon 7D and a MP-E 65MM lens I had the chance to take a closer look.

    The sound and video is unsteady and chaotic during the first half as you cannot really describe what you are looking at. After a while the person starts to focus on two objects and zooms in.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to my first experimental movie project. 



“Technology is present as part of our activities, professions and relations. I use technology as a tool to help enrich our lives.”

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